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The history of Project 1 is quite, lets say, complex. It started off as a group of friends, mainly Tom Stocks and Joseph De Souza, who were getting together to go to the cinema. Tom and Joe then went to Joe's house, and Tom slept over. They started to get really annoyed that there were no games on the computor, where you could actually form an alliance, build towns, and help each other with them. They decided to try to make a game where you could do all of these things. This is how the idea of Project 1 came about. But how did zombies get involved in all of this?

The 'Beginning'Edit

What happened?Edit

So Tom and Joe have decided to make this game, but they're only twelve at the time... You've probably worked out the problem. How are twelve-year-olds going to make a game of such awesomeness? However, Tom just decided that they should get on with it, and try to start as early as possible. They got onto 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2008' and started to learn some coding. Joe's dad could help, because he knew some code. Then came a problem. It turned out that they had not downloaded the full version, so they couldn't do anymore.

The TreeEdit

When Tom got home, he asked his dad to download 'Blender 3D', a 3D object/map making program. He spent ages trying to work out how to use it, and then found a semi-useful guide to making a 'medium tree'. It helped as far as making a cylinder... He just couldn't get it to work, so he gave up trying.

The Later StagesEdit

Blizzard attemptEdit

Tom has recently (erm... well a few months ago really) contacted 'Blizzard Entertainment', to see if they could help. He mentioned the words 'wonderful', 'buisness', and 'proposal', to try and nudge them a bit towards the accepting. They said no. However, they also said that they were not legally allowed to take this kind of offer via E-Mail.

Nothing else has happened towards the developement of the game, and all you have read is all there is to the game at present stages. The game will be being developed over the next few days though, and it will come out. Don't worry!

hmm-bumbug 07:09, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

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